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Bring us your tired desks, your boring gift vouchers, your beige walls! And let us spice them up!

We take spicy inspiration from all over the world and give it a twist to create our own, quintessentially British gifts, homeware, and stationery.

Here you can fill your home with something a little (ok, a lot) more interesting than the generic desk tidy you picked up in the market hall at IKEA.

And, if sharing is more your thing, you can find gifts that will make your friends marvel at your creative thinking and originality (when all you actually had to do was enter your card details).

You’ve probably realised that we don’t sell condiments.

(So if you landed here on a search for the best thing to eat with your Ploughmans then you might want to try the next link down on Google.)

Then why Mustard?

Because just like our favourite relish we have an inimitable English flair, everything we do has that little bit of spice, and well, we’re not for everyone.

Ok, so technically the Italians were the first to alert us to the existence of this fiery treat, but we take credit for being the first country to mill mustard, turning it into the golden taste sensation we know today. It’s ours. You can keep your dijon and your wholegrain, this bright yellow concoction is where it’s at.

But Mustard is also an attitude, a vibe, we’re home to those who like things a little off-kilter.

If you don’t take yourself too seriously.
If you like to indulge your inner child every now and again.
If you‘d rather buy a shirt that started a conversation than that one doing the rounds on everyone’s Instagram.

Then welcome home: you’re our kind of people.

As British as mustard is, we at Mustard are just as proud of our heritage.

Our tongue-in-cheek humour, our high-quality manufacturing, our slightly off-beat and charming design. We’re everything you would expect from a British brand.

Every single awesome product you see on our pages was designed by our own fair hands. You won’t find an identikit version in your mate’s living room (unless you bought it for them).

We imagine and create the little things that give your home, your desk, and the gifts you buy that extra bit of zing. From new ways to dispense your post-its, to plates that invite great dinner party conversation, to the coaster that warms your cuppa.

So join the party! Grab a coffee, have a browse, and enjoy tucking into the treats we have to offer!

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