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When your desk is home to things that make you smile and habits that make you feel your best, you’re bound to work smarter. Positivity equals productivity!

Fun Tech
For Your Desk

Desktop looking a little tasteless?
Let's fix that!

Meet Moai

From Easter Island to your desk.
This guy holds your pen and glasses

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Fun Tech
For Your Desk

Desktop looking tasteless?

We have unique tech that will
make your desk a happier place

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Meet Moai

From Easter Island to your
desk. This guy holds your
pen and glasses

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  • OUT OF STOCKSleepy Bear Cup usb mug Warmer

    Bear Cup Warmer

  • Cat in a Box sticky notes stationary gifts

    Cat In A Box

  • Cactus Desk Organizer / PenPot

    Cactus Desktop Organizer

  • Instant photo Coasters personalized sentimental gifts

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From Home

Feel like a rock star every day
with these

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Makes The Workplace humerous

Mustard bring fun and colour to my desk and helps me get through my day.  Who would have known these products would bring so much fun to my work.


fun, innovative and functional

I wish I had found out about Mustard earlier. I love their design as do the numerous friends and family members I have bought Mustard gifts for. 


Mustard puts the fun in functionality

My desk has been given a new lease of life with colour and fun. Mustard’s useful and intelligently designed range of amazing products always bring a smile to my face

From Home

Feel like a rock star every day with these

The Perfect Gift
For Everyone

Mustard's products are designed with
love for the ones you love
Search our gift guide for inspiration

This work hack is for our work from home friends! The perfect professional trick for zoom meetings and interviews using our Wrote-A-Note 2000⚡️✍🏼  -  Follow @mustardlondon for more relatable work life + FUNctional desk accessories!  -  #workhacks #hacks #workfromhome #workfromhomelife #zoommeeting #interviewtips
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3 TIPS TO GET THROUGH WEDNESDAY AT WORK:  ☕️ treat yourself to a hot coffee or your favorite iced latte before heading into the office for a mid-week pick me up  ✍🏼 Take it one task at a time and be present instead of thinking of all the other tasks you need to do  🪩 create a workspace that makes you feel motivated and excited to be at work! (having trouble with this?— we got you😉)  _  Follow @mustardlondon for more relatable work life + fun desk accessories💡  _  #workjokes #worklife #workfriends #workfriendsarethebest #officejokes #officehumor #officememes #workmemes
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