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  • Toss that lame promo pen catalog (yeah, the one with the useless tablet stylus at the end)

    Alright, corporate drones, listen up. It's time to ditch the generic gift baskets and level up your gifting game. Say goodbye to bland, forgettable presents and hello to Mustard Corporate Gifting, where every gift is a hoot worthy of a loot.

    When you gift with Mustard, you're not just giving a present; you're inciting a raving riot. Whether it's a sleek piece of tech that'll have your clients hungry for more or a funky piece of décor that'll liven up the break room, we've got something for everyone. And with our customisable options, you can slap your brand on each gift, leaving a mark as indelible as a coffee stain on a white shirt.

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    So, what are you waiting for? Join the ranks of the corporate elite who know that when it comes to gifting, Mustard is the only choice. Mustard Corporate Gifting: Because boring gifts are for losers.

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Merch in three fab ways


    spice up your merch quicker than you can say KARMA CHAMELEON by choosing what your heart desires from the pre-existing range of the madness that is Mustard's off the (top) shelf goodies
    after all, mediocrity is so last fiscal year

    select your weapon of choice from our bible of brilliant bits and hit it with some extra sass by slapping your brand all over the gaff
    say what you want, say it loud, and say it sooner than a moon cycle

    we've got the power of a whopping 70 factories behind us. That's way more than Willy Wonka - loser
    We call that an arsenal to make your competitors Mustard with envy

How to Win Over Staff & Suck Up to Spendy Clients


Give us a line.

Got a corporate gig? Need to butter up your staff with gifts that scream 'we're awesome' (or maybe for your clients to say 'please don't fire us')? Look no further. We've got your back covered in Mustard.

Get in touch now and let's make corporate gifting as cheeky as a Friday arvo pub crawl. Trust us, we're in the business of spreading joy.

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Got questions? Don't worry, we've heard 'em all before.

If you've got the guts to dream up something wild and wacky – like turning a mouse mat into spilled milk or a cup warmer into a an ice cube– then we're your crew. Give us 30 days (plus shipping, obviously), and we'll have your mind-bending creation ready to rock. Let's make magic happen, shall we?

The minimum order for our off-the-shelf corporate merch? Drumroll, please... A measly 6 units! Yeah, you heard right. Size matters not, it's what you do with it that counts.

Whether you're a big shot or just dipping your toe in the Mustard pool, we've got you covered. So go ahead, grab yourself a handful of goodies. After all, greatness doesn't come in large quantities... unless you want that, of course.

If you're a corporate hotshot, an agency hustler, a distributor diva, or a retailer renegade, you qualify for the VIP treatment. Because let's face it, why pay full price when you can get a slice of the Mustard magic at a fraction of the cost?

So quit dilly-dallying and dive headfirst into the world of wholesale wonders. Your wallet will thank you, and so will we

Look, we're not saying we're miracle workers, but when it comes to slapping your logo on our stuff, we're pretty damn close. Stock issues? Pfft, that's for amateurs.

We'll have your brand plastered all over our goodies faster than you can say 'pass the Mustard.' So, give us the nod, and we'll have your logo shining brighter than a disco ball and the wide eyes under it.

Quantity? Yeah, we've got more than enough to make your head spin – anywhere from a measly 600 to a whopping 1200 units, depending on what floats your boat.

From a little sprinkle to a full-blown spice bomb, we've got the goods to satisfy your wildest corporate cravings. Just remember, with great power comes great mustard... or something like that.

Whether you're chilling in Cheltenham or partying in Peru, we'll get our goodies to you faster than you can say 'una cerveza.' And don't you worry about sky-high shipping rates – we've got 'em lower than your ex's IQ and work with the big dogs like DHL to make sure your Mustard fix arrives safe and sound.

So, what are you waiting for? Let's spice up the world, one delivery at a time!